Wondering how you can get your Toronto-based website to rank number one on Google’s Search Engine? You’ve come to the right place. We’ll guide you through all you’ll need to consider when hiring a Toronto SEO expert. Remember, there are tons of ‘SEO experts’ out there. Although some search marketing companies know what they’re doing, surprisingly, a good percentage do not know what it takes to have a site rank first on Google.

Get Top Spot On Google With An SEO Expert In Toronto

SEO PlanningQuickly, let me take you through the six most-important factors you need to consider before hiring an SEO consultant for your Toronto-based website:

What are your target keywords or keyword phrases?

In search engine optimization, keywords are a very important of Google’s complex search algorithm. Search engines rank websites based on keywords. Although some keywords will help you rank quickly, the rank will be for things people are not searching. This is a waste of both time and money. Being number #1 on Google is not good enough if you are not ranking for high-converting keywords.

A knowledgeable SEO specialist should give you information about what your target market is searching. Google provides this information freely and thus a consultant should have it in the proposal.

Although the search data supplied by Google is not perfect, it’s a nice place to start.

Is SEO a fit for your company?

SEO does not work for all companies! There I said it. Is SEO Right For You?

After you are done with the first step (that of keyword research), it’s time to conduct a cost-benefit analysis.

When conducting the cost-benefit analysis, ask yourself the following questions:

a) What is the difference between what your customers get from your product/service, and what they give to get it? If your business’s average customer value is too low or negative, SEO is not for your company. You are already in losses and the costs of SEO will worsen the situation. Go back to the drawing board and re-evaluate your pricing strategies.

b) What is the search volume for your target keywords/keyword phrases? If the search volume is too low, go back to step one – change or adjust the keyword and keyword phrase.

c) What is the cost of SEO? This is related to question a) above. If ranking at number one on Google for your target keyword or keyword phrase has little to no financial benefits to your company then SEO is not fit for your company.

The main idea is to calculate the value SEO brings to your company. Although this evaluation is not always a simple task for most, a good Toronto SEO consultant should be able to help you with this. You can always contact me for the evaluation. If search engine company is not fit for you, I will honestly tell you. I call it integrity.

Seo Optimization

What is your online reputation?

By online reputation, I am not seeking to know how popular you are on Twitter or Facebook; I want to know how Google views your site. Is Google aware of website’s existence? Does it like or hate your site?

To answer this question, the following 2 questions need to be answered first:

– What is your on-page SEO like?

– How is your off-page SEO?

You can always contact me for both on-page and off-page analysis.

What is your current source of traffic? Are you ranked on Google?

With visitor-tracking and rank-analysis software, it is very easy to tell this. Setting up this software should be done immediately your website is up and running.

If your website developer forgot to set up the software for you, do not be troubled. I am here to lend a hand.

Is your web content unique?

Is Your Content Unique?Google doesn’t like duplicate content. Publish duplicate content on your website and you run the risk of Google completely turning their backs on your site.

With duplicate content, all the effort and funds invested a search optimization agency will go down the drain. Always update your website with unique content.

Before uploading content to your website, run a uniqueness test with online websites like copyscape.com. You can always contact your Toronto SEO consultant to help you with this.

Who is your competition?

Another important thing you need to consider before hiring an SEO expert in Toronto, is your competition.

Don’t engage battles you can’t win (simple wisdom, not fear). Go for keywords with a high search volume but with relatively low competition. (Your Toronto SEO consultant can help you with this).

Take a closer look at the people ranking high for your target keyword. If competitors are too powerful to be toppled, consider keyword variation or keyword change.

Honestly, competing with some sites for particular keywords would amount to a waste of money and time. With my years of experience in search engine optimization, I’ll help you analyze your competition and advice accordingly.

The above are just some of the factors you need to consider before hiring a search consultant (whose main aim should be to drive your website to first place on Google for your target keywords). As a Toronto-based SEO expert, I will help you with the six factors.

For more information, make that call or send me that email.

To your online success,

Your Toronto SEO Expert